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Kappa Alpha Psi is not a homogeneous organization.

Differences of opinion are expected and accepted within the Fraternity.  In general, Kappamen display the following attributes –

The disposition to live in close companionship with men of similar values;
The wisdom to abide by the will of the majority without sacrificing individuality;
The discretion to refrain from destructive criticism while seeking to remove the causes for the criticism;
The acceptance of responsibility for any effort that advances the Fraternity;
The desire to strive for, and ultimately achieve, excellence in a field of endeavor; and
The commitment to train for leadership

Each member is expected to adhere to the standards for maturity and dedication.  Maturity and dedication have unique meanings within Kappa Alpha Psi.  Maturity is – the acceptance of reality, the ability to sacrifice and set goals, consideration of others, incisive judgement, emotional balance, development of social skills, intellectual competence and morale integrity. Dedication is putting the characteristics of maturity into a lifelong program of action to advance the goals and purposes of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Each member should seek to embrace an intangible element of brotherhood known as “that good old Kappa spirit.”  That “spirit” is constructive rather than destructive; it is dynamic rather than static; and active rather than passive.  In essence, by embracing, you will demonstrate the commitment and fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi.